Meet The Performers and Participants of International Yoga Gathering!

Adriana Ochoa

Hatha Yoga Instructor


Adrian teaches Hatha Yoga. Yoga helped Adriana translate mat lessons to real life lessons, the main lesson being that you don't have to be great at something to try. Join her to discover a personal practice that works for you at any phase or stage of life. All ages are wecome to participate, her June 24th session at International Yoga Gathering will be geared for the youth.


Ripple Effect Sound Bath


Jenny was introduced to her first Gong Bath in 2018. Ten years ago, her health journey began with a myriad of health challanges. This sparked a deep passion in her for natural healing modalities. Jenny has established Ripple Effect Sound Therapy and offers group gong meditaiton to communities and corporate wellness programs. Her mission is to create a positive impact on the world one heart and one gong bath at a time!

Vanessa Spini

Yoga Teacher & Belly Dance Teacher


Vanessa has been teaching yoga and fusion belly dance since 2015. Vanessas class focuses on developing balance and alignment to allow full body - mind coordination. This proccess enhances physical mental and spiritual health. Vanessa loves to see students empowered to enjoy their bodies, stabilize their minds, and reveal their joyful spirits!


Yin Restorative Yoga Therapy



Amanda Whittemore

Geometric/Aeriel Yoga Specialist


Amanda will lead geometric yoga with a miniature aeriel presentation. Amandas goal is to bring newcomers to yoga and show people that they can do more than they thought was ever possible!

Jaydin Holmes

Special Guest Singer


Jaydin Holmes is 11 years old and loves to sing. She enjoys sports, dancing, and helping her parents take care of her three younger sisters. She hasn't quite decided what she wants to do when she is older but hopes it involves singing or working with animals. Jaydin has a special singing performance prepared for us!


DJ/Sound Engineer



Green Trees

Musical Duo

Grenn Trees

Presenting Chris Capitano and Gabriel Casas Duo, as The Green Trees! Chris and Gabriel have both been playing in bands since they were young. They are both residents of Brookings who have joined musical forces recently and love playing music together!;

Cara Ringland

Certified Thai Massage Instructor/Iridologist


Traditional Naturopath, Cara Marie Ringland offers Iridology EYENALYSIS to reveal how the eyes reflect genetic inheritances. With 22 years of experience, Cara infuses wisdom from both the modern and ancient healing arts including nutrition, herbalism, and detoxification protocols. She promotes the practical use of natural resources, self-care, and hydrotherapy techniques to address common and chronic conditions. Cara moved to Nevada County, California in 2005 to raise her children and enroll in training as an Advanced Registered Thai Therapist. Cara weaves Herbal Thai Massage, energy medicine, aromatherapy, and transformation into every session. In 2018 Cara achieved NCBMT Certification as an Affiliate Instructor for Spirit Winds School Of Thai Massage. Skhe now offers CEU trainings online, locally, and abroad.


Serene Yogi Trained In India


Savannah is currently in India. We are awaiting her appearance.